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Whether it be on a smart TV, a mobile phone or any other connected device, streaming now makes up a significant portion of all consumer time spent with media. Subscription services have been riding this wave of opportunity and growing large subscriber bases to date, but with an array of new SVOD entrants set to crowd the space in the coming months, subscription fatigue has become a reality.

The streaming wars have ushered in a glowing opportunity for ad land. Offering a cost-effective alternative will draw in consumers and the digital-first nature of OTT combined makes for a more efficient way to reach consumers the right person with the right message — a win-win for consumers and marketers. However, the OTT and CTV space comes with it’s own set of challenges. Advertisers will need to refresh their TV and video strategies to best reach and engage with these password sharing, on-the-go, multi-screen consumers.

In this session industry leaders will talk about the value of addressable advertising in OTT, the challenges that exist today around targeting and measurement across a flurry of devices and the opportunity AVOD provides for reaching the audiences markets want, in a more individual and personalized way.
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Maggie Mesa VP, Mobile Business Development OpenX
Megan Graham Technology Reporter CNBC
Jason DeMarco Vice President, Programmatic and Audio Solutions A+E Networks
Jason White EVP & GM, Global Programmatic Revenue CBS Interactive
Marc Bourget GM of Connected TV Platforms Samba

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