Marc Bourget

Marc Bourget is the General Manager of Connected TV Platforms at SambaTV, the industry leader in TV data and analytics. He is responsible for strategy, growth, and operations for the company’s O&O properties and TV Ads platform where advertisers efficiently transact premium CTV inventory. Prior to joining Samba TV, Marc served as VP of Product at Immersv, an early stage company, where he built the first ad exchange for mobile 360 and virtual reality apps. Previously, as Director of Product at BrightRoll (now Verizon Media), he led the DSP for Video and seller platform initiatives. During his 5 years at Tapjoy, Marc successfully drove and executed the roadmap for a suite of core products while managing P&L for consumer products. Marc brings 11+ years of digital media & advertising experience. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.