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Audience based buying has increasingly become the preferred media strategy for buyers and planners - and for good reason. Advertisers now have a unified view of consumers, the ability to target across multiple channels, and data to provide more information about their customers than ever before. It’s a win win for media buyers and sellers.

But if audience-based advertising is the future of media, how will media organizations manage the siloed construct that exists today? Will they need a new toolkit – or new talent- to provide advertisers with the resources needed to buy audiences? We’ll talk to leaders in the media and advertising industries to discuss how organizations need to evolve in order to support this new form of data-driven advertising.
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Angela Steele Chief Strategy Officer Carat US
Ed Renicker CEO NY Interconnect
Matt Kramer Managing Director, Advanced Advertising Omnicom Media Group
Julie Anson Associate Director of Strategic investment, Advanced TV Magna Global
Leah Casterlin Owner and Partner Media Fortitude Partners

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