Leah Casterlin

Leah Casterlin is a pioneer in political media buying and was one of the first political media buyers to embrace digital media and incorporate it into many of her accounts. Using this new highly targeted, cost effective digital media - coupled with traditional media - Leah developed and executed successful plans for Menendez for US Senate (NJ) and Chris Murphy for US Senate (CT) campaigns. In 2013, Leah executed the first addressable Cable campaign in the state of NJ for the Cory Booker for Senate campaign.

Founding Media Fortitude Partners in 2017, Leah and partner Carrie Xu executed the first political addressable campaign for Comcast with the Murphy for NJ Governor campaign. MFP received both Reed and Pollie awards in 2018 for work done in their first year of business – being acknowledged for both cutting edge addressable and digital campaigns.