In this session...

Learn how to understand and analyze social media metrics to help guide strategy, reach goals and connect with your audience.

Understanding metrics, stats and social analytics is key to creating, monitoring and adjusting social strategy and goals. With this in mind, digital marketers must know what they are looking for, which stats impact their previously set goals and how they can use analytics to fine-tune their content, engage with users and enhance their social presence. This class will cover the basics of understanding social metrics, their importance and how to use them to make stand out social presences, topnotch campaigns and stronger connections with users. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Examples of how to present social analytics internally and for clients
  2. A knowledge of what the metrics being reported mean, i.e. impressions vs. reach vs. engagement
  3. Tips on how to use analytics to enhance and advance social media strategies and approaches
  4. How to increase content reach through social advertising


Quaison Carter Lead Digital Marketing Instructor General Assembly

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Event Type Seminar