Quaison Carter

Quaison ("Kway-sin") Carter is a marketing strategist, consultant, and educator.
His focus is on delivering best in class performance marketing strategy for brands, agencies, and professionals looking to deepen their tactical foundation and strategic best practices in-house or create a better hybrid relationship with agency partners.
Since 2015 Quaison has been an instructor at General Assembly helping to build and facilitate the digital marketing curriculum on and off campus with courses that range from setting up Google Analytics, SEO Tactics, to creating persona-driven multichannel go to market strategies.

Quaison works with recognized Fortune 500 companies around the world like ExxonMobil and IMG/Endeavor, to startups and mid-size companies looking to identify/establish a brand strategy. A lot of his work is around training teams to become technical, objective orientated performance marketers and thinkers. He also does speaking engagements and workshops at a number of events.