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Amazon is dramatically reshaping the traditional understanding of shopper marketing, advertiser/agency relationships, retail media and even product. Traditional organizational structures and operating models have been challenged and success requires seismic shifts from advertisers and agencies alike. So what does this new model look like? Join us as we layout out this new world—uniting shopper marketing, brand marketing, retail media, partnerships and even fulfillment—with advice from those embracing the shift.

As consumers, it is easy to see how Amazon has transformed the commerce landscape. But for advertisers and agencies, the implications are much more than what’s obvious. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the traditional role of shopper marketing is changing and where its going
  2. How success on Amazon requires a new agency-client structure
  3. What are the unseen consequences for agency and brands with Amazon's rise?
  4. What role does fulfillment pay?
  5. What is on the Amazon Roadmap that Agencies and Brands need to plan for

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Kerry Curan Managing Partner, Marketing Integration Catalyst
Fred Seddon Strategist Xaxis
Mike Feldman Team Lead - Retail Media Georgia-Pacific
Melissa Burdick Co-founder and President Pacvue

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Retail