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The last 12 months have seen progressive movements challenge toxic masculinity, correct inequality and empower women. These critical cultural conversations have been able to elicit real change in the workplace and society at large. And naturally, brands have used this tension as a platform to participate. From State Street's Fearless Girl through to Burger King's search for its Burger Queen, the 'year of the woman' has seen courageous creative that's made a genuine impact.

So where does that leave male-targeted brands? How has this movement shaped their presence and how do they best tell their stories today? Or should they just lay low until it's safe to come outside? What if the message is one the world needs more than ever?

Cameron Farrelly, Chief Creative Officer, Virtue sits down with Sharon MacLeod, Global Vice President, Unilever, to discuss modern masculinity, Dove Men+Care's #DearFutureDads campaign championing paternity leave for men everywhere while connecting with billions in the midst of a complicated conversation. View Less


Cameron Farrelly Chief Creative Officer Virtue
Sharon MacLeod Global Vice President Unilever

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