Cameron Farrelly

Cameron is a creative leader who crafts cultural IP at the cross streets of advertising, entertainment, and spirituality.

For 17 3/4 years Cameron has devised and delivered work that connects people with brands, brands with people, artists with brands, brands with bands, and bands with fans of brands. In a post-sponsorship world where brands can help shape culture, he believes style is what separates these connections from being iconic or forgotten.

As the Chief Creative Officer at VICE's creative agency, Virtue, Cameron's work is self-aware, soulful, and packed with purpose. Lead by a client guest list that includes Lululemon, Bud Light, YouTube, and the Yankees, Cameron oversees creative excellence across thousands of pieces of content from 26 teams around the world.

Whilst Executive Creative Director of Universal Music Group Cameron launched the label's first ever stand-alone agency, BRING, where he swapped Benetton for Bieber and Dr Martens for Drake to connect the dots between top-tier talent and organic audiences.

Prior to UMG, Cameron helped transform UK telco O2 from a phone company to the number 1 brand in music through industry changing partnerships with AEG, Live Nation, Arsenal and The Brits. As a creative partner of East London agency pd3, he grew a team of 5 buried in the back of a Turkish dive bar to a staff of 88 in a legally sound office space, complete with a three shelf trophy cabinet in the lobby.