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Today scale is a given but, in an era of digital disruption – from the way consumers select and make online purchase decisions, to the data being used to target buyers – accuracy and quality matter. The call for quality data is sweeping the fast-changing world of programmatic, as marketers are starting to focus less on quantity and more on quality data. Explore key challenges, opportunities, and the impact of accuracy on ROI.

In this panel, Lotame will dissect the different challenges data buyers and sellers face when assessing data quality and explore the impact quality data can have on campaigns and KPIs.
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  1. Data quality -– why now? Quality vs Scale
  2. Quality has different meanings for different business applications. How do you define quality within your organization?
  3. What is the impact of data quality on targeting, measurement and ROI?
  4. As a data owner or buyer, on which key areas should you focus?
  5. What actions can you take now to ensure your organization is using the highest quality data?

Presented with


Ryan Rolf VP, Data Solutions Lotame
Andy Monfried Founder & CEO Lotame
Wynne Leung Kim Head of Audience Strategy & Data Platform IBM
Erin Yasgar Founder Silver Lake Digital
Dean Shapero Manager, Data Business Development Hearst Magazines Digital Media

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