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Fake news, extremist content scandals, incendiary political commentary, brand boycotts and increasing scrutiny on social platforms – a multitude of factors have put brand safety in the spotlight. The rise of brand safety in the public consciousness has led some organizations to place executive-level focus on the problem. Ultimately, Brand safety is a tech problem that requires a tech solution. How are brands and agencies protecting themselves.

Join a fireside chat during which David Hahn, Chief Strategy Officer at Integral Ad Science, Joshua Lowcock, Global Brand Safety Officer at UM, David Szahun, VP Global Media, American Express, and Nicole Cosby SVP Standards and Partnerships, Publicis Media will take a deep dive into the current state of brand safety from from perspective of a major brand and a top-tier agencies. Learn how they plan to protect themselves and their clients today and their plan for the future.

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  1. Brands can enlist smart buying strategies to mitigate brand risk
  2. Brand safety within walled gardens is a challenge and third party verification is a critical piece of the solution.
  3. The future of brand safety will involve a cross-industry push for safer inventory supported by technology that helps to ensure that quality inventory is being monetized.

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David Hahn Chief Strategy Officer Integral Ad Science
Nicole Cosby SVP, Standards & Partnerships Publicis Media
David Szahun Vice President, Global Media American Express
Joshua Lowcock EVP, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Universal McCann

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