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Live sports has emerged as a major source of \"DVR proof\" content for brands to engage creatively with teams, leagues and fans. In-venue technology upgrades, 2nd screen experiences and social media platforms are but a few of the enablers for such engagement. Our panel of senior executives will examine the “state of the industry” across a number of perspectives.

  • Why do brands love live sports?

  • How do brands, the media outlets, and the teams create authentic integrations?

  • How is the 2nd screen creating incremental opportunities for brands and media?

  • What role will social media play in this engagement?

  • Philip Wrigley of Chicago Cubs fame was said to have claimed, “Baseball is too much of a sport to be a business and too much of a business to be a sport.” Let’s see if Mr. Wrigley’s observation still applies. View Less

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Eric Grubman President of Business Ventures NFL
Frank Cooper CMO, Global Consumer Engagement PepsiCo Inc.
Glenn Brown Director, Promoted Content & Partnerships Twitter
Jon Wertheim Executive Editor & Senior Writer Sports Illustrated
Russell Sapienza Partner, Entertainment, Media & Communications Advisory PwC
Toby Byrne President, Advertising Sales FOX Broadcasting Company & FOX Sports Media Group

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