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ESG: Engaging Customers, Employees and Investors to Help Save the Planet.

Being a ‘good’ company is no longer a marketing strategy, it is imperative for sales, share price, risk mitigation, and employee retention. Leading your industry with socially impactful practices via ESG metrics and sustainability strategies has the power to make or break any business from a public company to a 5 person start-up. Traditional social filtering and greenwashing tactics have the power to do the opposite, alienating even the most engaged consumers and investors.

Even though ESG metrics have been around for a while their new mainstream focus has swiftly taken over the narrative and the structure of how you manage ESG is still taking shape. Workflows involve multiple stakeholders from often disparate departments. Join this panel of industry leaders who focus their powers on helping some of the largest companies in the world perform more sustainably, achieve ESG milestones, and use all the available data to help build a brighter future for all of us.
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  1. How do you approach ESG processes strategically.
  2. Where is the market going — how will regulations impact companies on a global scale?
  3. How do you manage issues like greenwashing?


Anik Varés Leal Sustainability & Impact Advisor Konfío
Juan Carlos Cortés Trejo Head of Corporate Communication & PR Arcos Dorados
Felipe Murillo VP Data Science IV.AI
Birgilio Rivera President Socio Fundador

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