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Brands succeed when they break through in culture, and music is a powerful hook to create meaningful and personal connections with their customers.

In this session, we explore the recent changes in audio consumption habits and the new business models in the digital music industry that open up new opportunities for brands to implement a strategy that leverages music to drive cultural relevance and impact measurable business outcomes.

It is more than obvious that the pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

As marketers, this time offers us an opportunity to think and act differently when seeking and building relationships with our consumers.

With a notable increase in the consumption of digital entertainment, brands are forced to find new vehicles, models and advertising formats to capitalize on the impact of music on consumer preferences.

Because well executed, a music-leveraged strategy drives brand cultural relevance and can impact measurable business goals. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The rise of a new brand-sponsored, digital music service with the potential to reach the other 80% of the population.
  2. Gen Z's insatiable appetite for music: understanding centennial’s habits and behaviors to connect with the next, and biggest, generation of consumers.
  3. The importance of music to drive cultural relevance and to build meaningful relations with consumers to achieve measurable business outcomes.

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Sebastián Patrón Director Advertising Week LATAM
Luis Soto Durazo Co-Founder & CEO LatAm at TREBEL Music Trebel Music

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