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During this "period of confusion", the artist AI believes that what is needed most right now is "love". With actions necessary to meet the goal of a sustainable society; you can find suggestions for solutions in her songs "STORY" "Happiness" "Not so different" and her latest song "Aldebaran".

Actor Tetsuya Bessho is also active as the organizer of the "Short Short Film Festival". He also participated in DAIMARUYU SDGs film festival in 2021.

In the first half of this session, AI and Bessho will highlight key case studies. In the second half, they will discuss the main social issues that impact women today. Together, they will look for an approach that the entertainment industry can take to solve these critical problems that our society is currently facing. View Less

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Tetsuya Bessho Actor, President Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
AI Japanese R&B star

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