Gold Partners

Bloomberg Media

Bloomberg Media is the world’s leading multi-platform media company for business and finance, which draws on the editorial resources of more than 2,700 editorial professionals globally in more than 120 countries. Bloomberg Media is the consumer-facing media organization of Bloomberg L.P.


Teads, The Global Media Platform, unites and empowers the best publishers in the world to connect advertisers to an audience of over 1.5Bn people every month. Teads’ made-for-mobile ad experiences deliver attention and guaranteed outcomes across the marketing funnel. Through its end-to-end platform, Teads provides demand-side, sell-side and creative technology to deliver better media effectiveness for brands, better monetization solutions for publishers, and better experiences for consumers. Teads partners with the leading marketers, agencies and publishers through a team of 750+ people in 26 countries.
2011年に南フランスのモンペリエで生まれたTeadsは、記事・コンテンツ内に動画広告を配信する随一の開発者であり、アウトストリーム広告市場のリーディングカンパニーです。世界28カ所のオフィスで700名以上の従業員が働くグローバルカンパニーで、日本には2014年に上陸しました。 日本国内において300以上のプレミアム媒体とパートナーシップを組み、10億のインプレッション規模のネットワークを構築しています。月間グローバルオーディエンスは15億人に達しています。 Teadsのネットワークは、ユーザーフレンドリー、ブランドセーフティ、ビューアビリティ、不正アクセス対策に対して高い実績を誇ります。 広告主・広告代理店・トレーディングデスクの皆様は、Teadsが提供するマーケットプレイスを通じて、デスクトップ・モバイルの垣根を超え、世界中のプレミアム媒体社の在庫にアクセスすることが可能です。2018年10月には弊社の強みを最大限に生かした広告プラットフォームThe Global Media Platformがローンチしました。

Corporate Partners


About Baidu Founded in 2000, Baidu, Inc. aims to provide the best and most equitable way for people to find what they're looking for.  Baidu, a technology-based media company, is leading Chinese-language Internet search provider, serving over 657 million monthly active users. In addition to serving individual Internet search users, Baidu provides an effective platform for businesses to reach potential customers. Baidu's ADSs trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol "BIDU". Currently, ten ADSs represent one Class A ordinary share. About Baidu Japan In 2006, Baidu Japan Inc. was established as the first subsidiary of Baidu, Inc. Baidu Japan supplies Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service on, including listing, advertising Network, analytics, and support inbound business.  Acquiring Simeji mobile app team in 2011 and the University of Tokyo-based venture company popIn Inc. with patented native advertising technology in 2015, Baidu Japan is exploring new customer experience. 


Hivestack is the largest independent, global, full stack, marketing technology company, powering the buy and sell side of programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) advertising. Hivestack was founded in 2017 with headquarters in Montreal, Canada and operates in 25+ countries across the globe. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook @hivestack.


INTAGE Inc. was founded in 1960. With offices in 11 countries and regions around the world, INTAGE Inc. leads the INTAGE Group, Asia's No. 1* marketing research and insights business, providing total support for the marketing activities of companies and organizations in Japan and overseas. By gaining a deeper understanding of consumers and making more sophisticated use of data, we aim to support the future of our clients’ businesses and realize our vision to “Create Consumer-centric Values”, working together with clients in marketing to deliver happiness to consumers. *Source: “ESOMAR's Global Top-50 Insights Companies”, ESOMAR Global Market Research 2021 (based on Group consolidated sales)

Integral Ad Science Japan 株式会社

Integral Ad Science(IAS)は、デジタルメディア品質の向上において世界をリードする企業です。IASは、広告が本物の人間によって、安全かつ適切な環境で閲覧されることを保証し、コンテクストに基づくターゲティングの活性化やサプライパス最適化を推進することで、すべてのインプレッションを価値あるものにします。私たちの使命は、世界をリードするブランド、パブリッシャー、プラットフォームが利用する、デジタルメディア品質の信頼性と透明性の世界的な基準となることです。IASは、実用的なリアルタイムの情報と知見を備えたデータに基づくテクノロジーの提供で、これを実現します。2009年に設立し、ニューヨークに本社を置くIASは、世界中で何千社ものトップクラスの広告主やパブリッシャーを支えています。 詳しくは、をご覧ください。


East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. ranks as Japan’s No. 5 full-service advertising agency in terms of sales. The company effectively fuses its three integral functions as an advertising company, house agency and media concern, maximizing the synergistic effects of these capacities to supply stellar added value to its stakeholders. Along with this, the company takes full advantage of its business contents, regional revitalization business, the infrastructure and assets of East Japan Railway Group and other resources to supply original solution-based services available at no other advertising company in Japan.

Jukin Licensing

The licensing division of TMB, Jukin Licensing is the world’s foremost provider of user-generated video content to advertisers, digital publishers, and media/ entertainment companies. Jukin Licensing is responsible for placing tens of thousands of videos every year in global advertising campaigns, films and TV shows, and publisher websites and social media channels. With a library of more than 70,000 videos, and a bespoke services arm that performs video discovery, clearance, and licensing services for major brands and media companies, Jukin Licensing is the premier partner for footage licensing and clearance services. For content creators and rights holders, Jukin has paid out more than $30 million in royalties. Learn more at TMB (Trusted Media Brands) is the world's leading community-driven entertainment company. Our portfolio of leading brands that includes FailArmy, Family Handyman, People Are Awesome, Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home, The Healthy, The Pet Collective, and Birds and Blooms, is powered by content that’s inspired and created by our fans. Engaging more than 200 million consumers worldwide, our content — available across streaming TV, social media, web, and print — sparks curiosity, fuels laughter, and inspires people to live big, full, fantastic lives. Learn more about our brands, our data-driven marketing solutions, our award-winning licensing services, and much more at


We’re Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform. Publishers use our technology to monetize their content across all screens and formats including CTV, online video, display, and audio. The world’s leading agencies and brands trust our platform to access brand-safe, high-quality ad inventory and execute billions of advertising transactions each month. In April 2021 we acquired SpotX to further enhance our CTV business and better help our clients in this rapidly growing market. Anchored in sunny Los Angeles, bustling New York City, mile-high Denver, historic London, and down under in Sydney, Magnite has offices across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.

Nikkei Inc.

Nikkei is a world-renowned media brand for Asian news, respected for quality journalism and for being a trusted provider of business news and information. Founded as a market news provider in Japan in 1876, Nikkei has grown into one of the world’s largest media corporations, with 37 foreign editorial bureaus and approximately 1,500 journalists worldwide. Nikkei acquired the Financial Times in 2015. Combined readership of the Nikkei and the FT totals approx. 4 million.

Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. is a camera company. At Snap, we believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. We contribute to human progress by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.


Launched in 2011, Twitch is a global community that comes together each day to create multiplayer entertainment: unique, live, unpredictable experiences created by the shared interactions of millions. At any given moment, on average, more than a million people come together from all over the globe to interact around this distinct form of live entertainment. From streaming, watching, chatting, and cheering about video games and esports to many other interests including traditional sports, anime, sci-fi, wrestling, music, cooking, the creative arts, and more, there’s something for everyone on Twitch.


Unruly is the video marketplace you can trust to move people, not just reach people. We help the world’s biggest advertisers engage global audiences by harnessing the power of our data-powered video marketplace, UnrulyX, on brand-safe, premium sites, while helping top publishers better monetise their audiences. Our superpower is emotional testing and targeting via UnrulyEQ, which leverages over a decade of video data and almost 2.2 million viewer reactions to videos to provide deep analysis of metrics that matter, enabling us to deliver better targeting and higher campaign ROI at scale. Unruly was founded in 2006 with a mission to transform advertising for the better. We’re passionately committed to encouraging and celebrating diversity and wellbeing through our inclusive and nurturing company culture. Unruly was acquired by News Corp (Nasdaq: NWS, NWSA; ASX: NWS, NWSLV) in 2015 and now has over 320 Unrulies doing amazing things across more than 15 locations worldwide.

Media Partners


Digiday — The Authority on Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising. Digiday is a media company and community for digital media, marketing and advertising professionals. We focus on quality, not quantity, and honesty instead of spin. We cover the industry with an expertise, depth and tone you won’t find anywhere else. The Digiday team strives to produce the highest quality publications, conferences, and resources for our industry.

The Digiday website ( is our content hub. We support that with our email newsletters: Digiday Daily, Digiday Brands and Digiday Publishing. Our multi-day, destination events include the Digiday Agency Summit, the Digiday Brand Summit, the Digiday Content Marketing Summit, the Digiday Programmatic Summit, the Digiday Publishing Summit, the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe, the Digiday Retail Summit, Digiday’s Agency Innovation Camp, and Digiday’s Mobile Innovation Camp.

Our awards programs are the Digiday Awards, the Digiday Content Marketing Awards, Digiday Publishing Awards, the Digiday Retail Awards, the Digiday Video Awards, the Sammy Awards (social) and the Mobi Awards (mobile).

Senden Kaigi

Since 1954, Sendenkaigi has been the leading publisher of marketing communications magazines and books, and the pioneering educator in the industry. We provide sponsor advertisement, marketing expertise and solutions, and up-to-the-minute industry news.

Association Partners

JAF (Japan Advertising Federation)

JIAA (Japan Advertising Agency Association)

JMA (Japan Marketing Association)

The Japan Marketing Association (JMA) was established in October 1957, independent of the Japan Productivity Center, with an aim to develop and disseminate marketing knowledge and technologies in Japan.  Since its foundation, the Association has committed to improving the practice of marketing and widening its application to corporate management throughout the nation.

JCBA (Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association)

JMAA (Japan Magazine Advertising Association)

JNPEA (Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association)

The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association (Nihon Shinbun Kyokai (NSK) in Japanese) was established as an autonomous organization on July 23, 1946 to encourage freedom of speech and elevate ethical standards in reporting. As of April 2015, we had 130 members, including 104 daily newspapers, 4 news agencies and 22 broadcasters, which covers the major media outlets in Japan.

OAAA (Osaka Advertising Agencies Association)

ACC (All Japan Radio & Television Commercial Confederation)

METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry)