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People have changed. Marketing and media experts must keep pace or jeopardize business growth. But do you know who the biggest audience in Japan is, and how to reach them to meet your growth goals?

This session will uncover how marketing and media experts can course-correct targeting opportunities and reach this audience with advanced solutions to maximize their return on investment, without compromising trust, data privacy or brand safety.

Please note: Microsoft will be making a milestone announcement during this session.

In this session, Mr. Hitoshi Yoshida, President and CEO of Microsoft Japan, and Mr. Rob Wilk, Global Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Advertising, will reveal current research by Forrester into the new Japan consumer that every marketing and media expert needs to know: the workday consumer. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Insight into the most valuable Japanese consumers and their behaviours
  2. How to reach the new Workday Consumer with advanced targeting solutions
  3. Maximising return on investment

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Rob Wilk Corporate Vice President Microsoft Advertising
Hitoshi Yoshida President & CEO Microsoft Japan

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