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The job of "planning" is related to all kinds of businesses, and many professionals are performing "planning" in accordance with their own roles. For example, product planning for manufacturers, communication planning for advertising companies, and sales promotion planning for sales are just some of the many different types of planning.

On the other hand, there seem to be a variety of problems surrounding "planning". For example, some people worry about how to perceive planning, such as not knowing what to do when it comes to conflicts with planning and execution, such as the fact that one can only make proposals within the scope of work given by the company. In addition to this, recently, there are those who have become reluctant to take on new projects due to the various environmental restrictions that have arisen, both in their lives and at work, due to COVID-19.

In this session, we invite two planners who are constantly overcoming various restrictions and are not limited by their means to realize various plans. We discuss how they realize "plans that excite people and that they themselves can work on enthusiastically," their underlying ideas, and the process to realize them. Tracing the paths of their projects, we will get to the very heart of planning.

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Yuu Hirosawa Products Business Dev, Digital Transformation Design, DX Business Planning Kao Corporation
Shota Hatanaka President / Creative Director / Producer dea Inc.
Kotaro Abe Copy Writer / Producer Dentsu Inc.

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