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The copywriting boom of the Showa era is long gone. In today’s ad industry, DX is blooming where copy once did. While data is revered as a savior in marketing, the role of words appears to have been put on the back burner.

Yet a calm and unsentimental look at brands around the world that are successfully handling this “transformation" reveals that they are taking words more seriously than ever before; by discovering the brand's raison d'etre and engaging the hearts and minds of users. Sometimes, interacting with users works hand-in-hand to create a new way of life. At the heart of all these processes are words that work.

In this session, we welcome creative directors examining creativity for a new age to discuss the possibilities of language in an era where everything is digitalized, drawing on specific examples. View Less

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Takahiro Hosoda Chief Creative Officer TBWA\HAKUHODO
Miwako Hosokawa Creative Director, Copywriter (TSUZUKU)

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