Jordan Khoo

Jordan is an accomplished professional who have helped grown some of the most successful
businesses in digital marketing in the region. He spent the last decade as the VP ( APAC) for
Sizmek previously personally went through 2 IPOs, 4 name changes and over 1,000 clients served!

As a pioneer in the industry, Jordan is well-versed in the area of 3rd party technologies such Brand
Safety, Ad fraud, Viewability, Ad-serving, Analytics, DCO, Programmatic among others but it is his
ability to make it relevant to Agency leadership and Senior Marketers that what sets him apart.
(Note : Anyone else who can claimed to be an expert in digital hasn’t updated their profile for a
while as the ad-tech/martech world is becoming a real mindf***! :) )

Apart from his day job, Jordan is also an avid Crossfitter, aspiring wines aficionado and a
Foodie. So feel free to either send him a question on tech or the best spots to check out in the