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This panel brings together industry leaders from across the advertising ecosystem. Hear from Samba TV, IAB Australia, Paramount ANZ and Annalect, moderated by Thinkly, as they unpack the innovations and ingredients required to solve the big measurement and currency debate.

Does the future of cross-screen measurement require multiple currencies and diverse datasets? What solutions can enable advertisers to connect the dots of viewership across screens and achieve better reach, frequency and scale?

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Single vs. multi-currencies — what does the industry require and which is the likely future?
  2. Reach, frequency, scale, campaign efficiency and effectiveness — how are current measurement solutions 'measuring up' to deliver?
  3. Why overcoming data silos and leveraging data diversity in cross-screen planning and buying is key to futureproofing.

Presented with


Gai Le Roy CEO IAB Australia
Ashwin Navin CEO and Co-Founder Samba TV
Gareth Tomlin General Manager, Data, Insights & Analytics Paramount ANZ
Angela Goodsir Founder & Director Thinkly
Clement Tsang, Managing Director Annalect

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