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The idea of endorsement isn't new but social influencers introduce new & complex dynamics. Armed with the power to create deep & direct connections with consumers, brands are now spending millions with creators to leverage their credibility & connection. Yet fraudulent practices such as artificial inflation of metrics by purchasing fake followers & engagement are eroding trust with consumers. This conversation will cover how brands can navigate the complexities of influencer marketing & the implications for our industry.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The evolution of influencer marketing & where the industry is headed
  2. The risks of eroding trust in influencer marketing & the implications of fraud on its longevity
  3. What controls and solutions are most needed in influencer marketing
  4. What needs to be done industry-wide to fix the fraud and transparency problems

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Bob Liodice CEO ANA
Luis Di Como EVP Global Media Unilever

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