The Lighthouse Interview: Back to the Future

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When Sir Martin Sorrell resigned from the world’s largest advertising and marketing company he was asked where he was headed next, he didn’t miss a beat when replying – “Back to the future”. Across Sir Martin’s 33-year reign at the world’s most powerful network he saw the business grow from a £1 million ‘shell’ company to a £15 billion revenue business. In a matter of months we have seen S4 Capital, powered by the ‘Faster, Better, Cheaper’ approach, acquire MediaMonks and MightyHive. The differentiating factor? Could it be the significance of moving in a different direction to the other holding companies? Join Kathleen Saxton, founder & CEO of The Lighthouse Company and practising psychotherapist, in an exclusive conversation with Sir Martin Sorrell to deliberate his next chapter, discussing the digital revolution, differentiating directions and no doubt DeLoreans.
Sir Martin Sorrell Executive Chairman
S4 Capital
Kathleen Saxton CEO & Founder
The Lighthouse Company

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