EU 2019


Ollie Ollerton - Marketing Academy Boot Camp: Break-Point

Channel 4's SAS: Who Dares Wins star And Founder & Managing Director of Break-Point Break-Point Ollie Ollerton takes an exclusive workshop to help marketers apply specialist skills to their work and careers. What will you learn about yourself?

Mark Sherwin, Accenture Interactive - Marketing Academy Boot Camp: Connected Creativity

Mark Sherwin, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive, presents a lesson focusing on creating remarkable customer experiences for an interconnected workforce.

Facebook & Instagram: Crush Your Video Campaigns

Facebook’s Julien Decot and VidMob's Alex Collmer will share the 2019 playbook for creating for growth. You'll learn how to optimize ad design, use creative to find your best customers and apply data to the creative process.

Martech Unlocked - Demystifying CDPs

Few martech categories have been the subject of as much hype and confusion as the customer data platform (CDP). Promising to deliver a "single view of the customer" and hyper-personalised messages at scale, CDPs seem too good to be true. Are they? Martin Kihn, Salesforce Marketing Cloud's SVP of Product Strategy and former research VP at Gartner, separates perception from reality. CDPs may overpromise and underdeliver, but that shouldn't stop marketers from finding the best way to solve their...

Language and Research: Reaching 1.2 Billion People

There are approximately 1.2 billion people learning a new language. Duolingo studied millions of people spanning every country on the planet... until they made a shocking research discovery, forever changing the way they think about our work.

Loving a Life More Ordinary - Why People Should Be Your Best Planning Asset

Loving a life more ordinary, or why real life and real people should be your best planning asset. Sophie Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer at VMLY&R, embraces everything that is ordinary about her and her life and loves hearing about other peoples’ ordinary lives too.

How might the #Art of Festivals help avert a #Creativity Crisis in our Schools.

Creative subjects are being rejected by students and low awareness of creative industries doesn't help. Creativity fuels the economy but is a luxury in some schools, a dirty word in others. Join this workshop with top notch creative gurus and educationalists to understand what could become a 'Creativity Crisis' and what creative people and companies can do to help avert it. Featuring Nick Corston Co-Founder/CEO at STEAM Co, Mark Earls, Herdmeister at Herd Consultancy, Rob da Bank, Founder...

Katie Piper's Extraordinary People - Podcast Strategy

Podcasting is booming like never before and in 2018 one of the podcast hits of the year was Katie Piper's Extraordinary People. After her stint on Strictly Come Dancing, the broadcaster, campaigner and author joins Somethin’ Else MD Steve Ackerman for a lesson that will get under the bonnet of successful podcasts - something the duo should know a thing or two about after a long stint at no. 1 in the Podcast chart for Katie's podcast.
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