How might the #Art of Festivals help avert a #Creativity Crisis in our Schools.

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Creative subjects are being rejected by students and low awareness of creative industries doesn't help. Creativity fuels the economy but is a luxury in some schools, a dirty word in others. Join this workshop with top notch creative gurus and educationalists to understand what could become a 'Creativity Crisis' and what creative people and companies can do to help avert it. Featuring Nick Corston Co-Founder/CEO at STEAM Co, Mark Earls, Herdmeister at Herd Consultancy, Rob da Bank, Founder of Camp Bestival, Amelia Richards, Commercial Director at the Creative Industries Federation and Chrissy Levett, Founder + CEO at Creative Conscience.
Nick Corston Co-Founder/CEO
Mark Earls Herdmeister
Herd Consultancy
Rob da Bank Festival Guru
Camp Bestival
Amelia Richards Commercial Director
Creative Industries Federation
Chrissy Levett Founder + CEO