LATAM 2020


Conscious Connections

Today’s marketing needs to be more than effective; it needs to reach consumers with empathy, putting their interests first. In this session, Sheila Colclasure SVP, Global Digital Responsibility and Public Policy at Kinesso will speak with Produ Associate Publisher Mara Fernandez about the factors that contribute to a conscious marketing approach, from digital responsibility standards, to rising consumer expectations and the challenges of a broken ecosystem.

How Today’s Brands Can Reach Consumers: Premium Mobile-First Publishers

The media landscape continues to evolve in tandem with consumer behavior. 15 years ago, successful digital media companies like Thrillist and POPSUGAR were amassing massive audiences via email and O&O. In the early 10’s, some publishers, including NowThis and The Dodo, were born on Facebook where their viral social videos yielded audiences at scale.

Empathy vs. Machine Capability: Unlocking Business Results

In this session, Juan Fernando Niño will share insights & learnings how the practice of Empathy delivers more commercially valuable business outcomes around the world. Through the use of case studies from different regions and categories, Niño will outline how to best resolve the tensions between human creativity and machine capability, as well as long-term brand building and short-term sales.

WOW is Just the Beginning: Companies in LATAM Turning Customer Needs into a World-Class Experience.

Senior Executives from AI, Luxury, Retail, and Food & Beverage companies will join a media expert to discuss how technology, language, and a compelling brand can join forces to deliver the best experience for customers while leveraging new business opportunities and increase margins.

Future Proofing Your Brand

The world and people keep changing at a very accelerated pace, and this is impacting how marketers should relate to consumers. Today, it’s about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and pushing brand boundaries into new territories, while always listening to the consumer to tap into their hearts and minds, to understand their passions, communities, and aspirations. We are in the era of Sense and Sensibility, and Mastercard is driving this new journey launching a multisensory brand...

Breaking Media Paradigms

New technology developments challenge Media paradigms, as well as the solutions they provide to both customers and audiences. The key of success lies in Content, as it drives this multiscreen journey.

Data Applications in LATAM:How First, Second and Third Party Data Delivers Value

Industry leaders will share use cases and their experience with different data applications to support client marketing efforts. Attendees will come away with consumer data best practices for strategy, consumer privacy and activation to help brands to achieve their goals and gain market share.

Marketing Science: The Future of Marketing

The world has evolved as a media ecosystem, and the information that we have is putting us in a better position to measure the impact of all communication efforts. It's not just one player: it requires a different culture and a different organization to take advantage of this opportunity. See how Marketing Science is at the center of this change.

Getty Images: Introducing Visual GPS in Latin America

Developed with creative challenges in mind, Visual GPS navigates through the crowded visual landscape, showing you what’s important to today’s consumers, what kind of visual content engages them, and, ultimately, what leads them to make decisions. It’s a smarter way to think about—and select—visual content, helping you understand what will connect with your audience, why it will be effective, and how it takes your visual storytelling to the next level.

Rethinking the Latin American Luxury Consumer

Luxury product sales are expected to grow significantly in Latin America in the next few years, and brands need to take note as the next generation of luxury buyers—millennial and Gen Z—are rejecting the traditional luxury paradigm. In this new environment, brands don't need to be old school and traditional to be taken seriously as a luxury brand. Marina Filippelli, COO & Director of Client Services, and Juan Jose Quintana, ECD, both at Orcí, will explain why it has become crucial to redefine...

Total Audience: Global Trend

Global overview on TOTAL AUDIENCE measurement; what challenges the industry faces, how it is being carried out from the perspective of research, brands and media and communication platforms; which indicators are essential in the homologation of universes; what metrics are required for this new trend.
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