EU 2019


Going Global – A Growth Strategy

Taking a business global requires a deep understanding of target markets, the current state of the market and its trends, as well as, its competitors and its disrupters. It is a complex and dynamic process, where business leaders will need to understand and determine the risks and the undertaking. This has been a topic of conversation at AWEurope for the last four years and we will continue to build on it with agency leaders from around the globe.

Transformation Allstars

Growing ever more important than the climb to the top of an organization is remaining strong and agile at the peak. Learn from c-suite leaders about their key decisions around business transformation - and how they knew (or didn't quite know) what they were doing along the way.

Clients Going Direct to Production Companies: What You Need to Know to Make A Success Of It

Many advertisers are keen to engage production companies direct but how do they choose the right one, how do they manage the process and what can we learn from the experiences of advertisers already working in this way?

Why Businesses, Brands and People Can’t Afford to Stand Still

It’s no secret that the world is changing before our eyes. From the way we digest news, watch films, eat and exercise, to the way we work and how our children play. So how can businesses adapt to these rapid changes to remain relevant to their customers whilst remaining true to their brand? Dennis hosts a panel of experts who have put change at the centre of their business model, and come out on top.

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace - A Playbook for 2019

In response to the fantastic reception that our Mental Health Allies scheme has received throughout the industry, we are sharing our mental health journey, showing why it's important, the work we have implemented and what we've learnt along the way.

Monopolies: Should we be Worried?

Today’s tech giants are more like countries than companies. It’s not just the vast resources at their disposal, but these multinationals also encompass a constitution, a cabinet, a foreign policy, an annual budget and even social policy – with a sphere of influence that can impact the average consumer and the state.

The Resurrection of AIB: How Open Collaboration Transformed Ireland’s Most Hated Bank

In 2008, Ireland’s biggest bank became the country’s most hated when it had to be bailed out by the taxpayer. Media commentary on AIB was 90% negative, and on social a shocking 99% negative. AIB faced it’s toughest challenge of its 50-year existence, and something drastic needed to happen to bring the brand back from the brink Fast forward to today and AIB is coming back into favour with an NPS brand score of 23 at the end of 2017. How did they do it? They let go. Attend this frank and...

Collaborators Unite!

Customer experience is the new battleground; and it’s clear that delighting customers with hyper- relevant, authentic experiences requires new levels of collaboration across a brand’s internal teams and ecosystems. How can brand leaders champion change to rewire their organizations for a customer- first mindset? Uncover insights on how smarter collaboration models are driving success.

Moving Beyond Transparency Towards Trust: Aligning Interests of Agencies & Advertisers

Discover how ISBA and IPA, supported by PwC, are seeking to move beyond the tired "transparency" debate towards practical steps that ensure alignment of interest between agencies and advertisers.

Joint Ventures: A New Agency Model

The story of how two would-be competitors left their ego's at the door to build a bespoke model of sports marketing model spanning strategy, creative, social and partnerships. This new, mission-oriented model is designed around principles of being agile, entrepreneurial and above all, an ability to embrace change; all factors our experience has taught us that the great marketers of today are looking for. Could this collaborative model of working be a blueprint for future success in the...

Partnerships, Collaboration and Honest Conversations - What it Really Means

Natasha Murray, director of client partnerships at The Guardian, will be joined by representatives across the media industry to debate what advertisers want from media partners today, how media owners can add real value to advertisers' marketing plans and what a modern, mutually beneficial collaboration looks like.

A New Marketing Landscape Requires A New Agency Model

In an increasingly fast-paced, fragmented media landscape, is the on-site, multi-disciplined agency the answer to keeping up with customers old and new?
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