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New Rules of Engagement: 3 Unavoidable Trends for 2019

Space is getting tight in the adland graveyard for well-intentioned yet failed forays into thorny #woke issues. Where is offence is worth it, are we deluding ourselves over diversity and has our moral compass shifted? Who are the brands that genuinely deliver depth and challenge the superficial?

Winning Back Consumer Confidence

A discussion around monetizing customer behaviours without invading privacy or crossing lines that make customers uncomfortable. Featuring experts from The Guardian, Verizon Media, Acxiom, Rakuten Viber and Ogilvy.

Human Marketing

We are witnessing a shift in device-centric targeting to human targeting - putting the focus on human behavior, inspiration and emotions. It is no longer just about meeting targeting demands, but about striking emotional chords and effectively resonating with your consumers - the humans. This debate will explore this concept of how to unfold your data, utilizing it effectively to communicate with your core demographics and their passions while driving ROI. Featuring Adobe, Golin, Ogury,...

Riot Games: Building Successful Partnerships in Esports

Naz Aletaha, Head of Esports Global Business Development at Riot Games shares insights from her experience in building premiere esports partnerships for the world’s most viewed esport. Riot Games is the owner and operator of League of Legends, whose 2018 World Championship saw 99.6M unique viewers tune in to the final match. Having recently announced partnerships with Mastercard & Dell Alienware, Naz speaks about the growing esports industry and what it takes to create successful brand...

Rebranding The Brands

2018 was a tough year for brands, as they confronted GDPR, the Cambridge Analytica furore and trust in marketers reached a record low. How can marketers undergo a rebrand and win back public opinion? Featuring LoopMe, Good-Loop, IRI Worldwide, Total Media and the Mobile Marketing Association.

Location, Location, Location (Data)

The ability to communicate to consumers during their movements throughout the day is impacting purchasing behaviors in real time. More and more marketing spend is being allocated to these capabilities, allowing brands to establish a continuing dialogue with their target audiences. Where is the line in the sand? When does this opportunity become too personal? What are the implications of GDPR? This panel will explore location data, best practices, and the feedback from consumers and brands alike.

Advanced TV powered by data & ad tech

The way we watch TV has changed. Cord-cutting streaming solutions are transforming the industry, media consumption is changing and solutions are required to adapt and evolve like never before. Additionally, traditional broadcasters are evolving and offering viewers standalone streaming apps for on-demand viewing on a variety of platforms. Programmatic ad buying is at the heart of the shift in digital advertising. Featuring Acxiom, SpotX, Honda and Samba TV.

Driving Growth Through Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing allows brands to deliver what consumers want -- advertising that’s helpful, relevant and responsible. New research from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), commissioned by Google, and conducted over the course of more than a year, found that these best-in-class digital marketers benefit from 1.4 times greater cost benefits and up to 2.5 times revenue impact. Yet just 2% of EMEA marketers are best-in-class at data-driven marketing. Why is so much value being left on the table?...

The Power of Play - A Retail Case Study

Presented by Tapjoy, this is an entertaining and visual case study of Ian Livingstone’s journey as an entrepreneur in the 1970s while he co-founded Games Workshop and launched Dungeons & Dragons. He will talk about his multi-million selling interactive gamebooks, Fighting Fantasy, and the increasing use of interactive narrative in media today. From analogue to digital, he will give a brief history of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and computer games past, present and future.

Gen Z Doesn't Love You ... Yet

New research finds Gen Z harder to win over by brands, media, and the companies recruiting them. This comprehensive study, done by Atlantic Re:think, The Atlantic’s creative marketing group, with Comscore and Harvard College Consulting Group, focuses on three specific areas as yet untapped in prior studies of this influential demographic: revealing Gen Z’s preferences as a user, a consumer, and a decision maker. See the findings and learn how to connect with this young and powerful...

You don't know Gen-Z

A look into the lives of the Gen Z: their thoughts, behaviours and passions, IRL and online. What are their motivations, aspirations and struggles? Who influences them? How do they talk about brands? What is important for them in life? Unexpected insights from We Are Social and Boiler Room research.

Right Brain, Left Brain: Data vs Creativity in Video Advertising

"Data is great at giving you information, giving you knowledge; but it doesn’t give you understanding and that is its great failing.” - Sir John Hegarty Consumers want to build meaningful personal connections with the brands they engage with. We all know that video advertising presents a huge opportunity to do so - but how can brands ensure their stories will capture their audience’s attention? Should we rely on data or creativity? Does one undermine the other, or do they go hand in hand?
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