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Beyond Byron, Binet And Bytes

If you follow the industry narrative, you’d be forgiven for thinking that media planning is simply a case of applying the works of Byron Sharp or Binet and Field, combined with some precisely-targeted programmatic activity. Far from it - this session explores some underexposed but essential aspects of media planning and strategy that are crucial considerations in 2019. MediaCom and Ebay discuss the issues.

The Making of Ideas

Where will the ideas and the idea-makers of the future come from? We believe that ideas can come from anyone, any age, any background and any place. But what careers tips do we have to share? And what are we doing to make the industry accessible to young people across the country? Adam&eveDDB and the Ideas Foundation have created a series of careers videos for young people and educator resources. How can we inspire a diverse generation of creatives?

What Women Want: How Smart Brands Are Responding

The What Women Want initiative recently hosted an exhibition of trail-blazing, brand campaigns that engaged women over the past 100 years. It showcased best-practice cases and debriefed new research on what good looks like in marketing to women today. We distil the best learning from the initiative here and invite you to hear from leaders at the vanguard of a new era in progressive gender portrayal, on how rethinking products, experiences and communications is delivering greater shareholder...

Context Is Everything: How Contextual Advertising Works

A scientist, a professor and an anthropologist walk into a bar... this lesson investigates contextual storytelling, and how it can be applied for digital publishers and marketers. As user experience, video and new advertising models make headlines, equip yourself with the tools to reach consumers with advertising in the right context.

How your brand can cut through the rainbow this Pride

This session will share key lessons about Pride and advice for brands planning their LGBT+ Pride activity. An essential lesson for any brand who wants to activate successfully at Pride 2019. Featuring Stonewall, Gay Times, the British Army and Karmarama.

Designing Brand Experiences: Driven by Data & AI

Data-driven brands are taking over. The Internet of Things connects them to customers like never before – and gives our industry a whole new challenge. How do we harness data to design memorable brand experiences and create a whole new ongoing relationship with users? This talk will dig deeper into design powered by data, with case studies from across the global R/GA network and industry at large.

Out-of-Home: The New Digital Medium

Innovation in the Digital Out-of-Home space is simply staggering. From better content, to anonymous video analytics, attribution, measurement, use of location data, programmatic and more...out-of-home is the new digital medium. We'll take a look at innovation through the lens of key players representing all parts of the Digital Out-of-Home advertising ecosystem. Moderated by DPAA - Digital Out of Home Everything, this lesson features Clear Channel, VIOOH, tenthavenue and Vistar Media.

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Gamers

The number of gamers has surpassed 2 billion globally. Games are the third most popular mobile app category among consumers, but advertising spend in the space has been slow to follow. In this insightful lesson, Acitivision Blizzard Media and Newzoo uncover fresh research about the purchasing power of mobile gamers and the implications for brands.

Global TV Trends: Where Does the Value Sit for Advertisers?

What trends should you expect to see in TV? What should you expect to see in digital content? And what is being consumed? We examine the state of the TV market.

R U OK? Managing Mental Health in the Ad Industry

Did you know that one in six people of working age suffer with a mental health issue? It’s time to get it all out in the open. Let us educate, inspire, inform and entertain you with a candid conversation around mental health, how to deal with it in the long term, how to handle it in the workplace, and how, no matter what, you can still take on the world.

The Great Data Disconnect

When you connect quality datasets, great things happen. You can find killer insights, tell better stories, make better plans, and generate more revenue. But that's not always an easy thing to do. In the age of Big Data, we all want quality but it's quantity we have to deal with. And that leads to the Great Data Disconnect. Learn from MiQ how brands have connected their vast data sources to tell better stories, make better plans and generate more revenue.

The Millennial Disruption

"The Millennial Disruption" explores the impact of the internet and modern technologies on the millennials' consumer behaviour and why so many legacy brands are struggling in the digital era. It features interviews with industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Steinway & Sons and Gary Vaynerchuk. Join the film's creator as she dissects the 9 major factors that impact the millennial generation’s social and economic behaviour: 1) Abundance of Choice 2)...
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