What's Up With Gen Z?!

The global pandemic has overburdened an already stressed out Gen Z and derailed many of their plans; however, they remain optimistic about a brighter future and are still shaping up to be a very influential generation. In this talk, Wanda Pogue discusses the mindset, behaviors and relationships of Gen Z, revealing four key trends to help marketers to realize the key differences between Gen Z and their Millennial counterparts, recognizing their different cohorts, needs and desires.

Resilience through Creativity on Instagram

Join Christina Cua, Instagram’s Director of Product Marketing, as she explores how people and business are coming together to build resilience through community, creativity and culture. And get a first-hand look at how Instagram can help your brand adapt, evolve and grow in these ever-changing times.

Culture as the New Commerce Engine

Based on the findings from pivotal research, executed in partnership with Deloitte, this panel will discuss the meaning of culture today, how culturally relevant brands connect with consumers, and how to think about the impact cultural relevance has on your bottom line.

Learnings from the Frontlines: Minneapolis Leaders Share Their Path to Progress

This spring, after the murder of George Floyd, Minneapolis became the epicenter of cultural unrest that spread around the globe. The challenges for leaders in Minneapolis were great as the world was watching. From the chaos, pain and heartbreak came great learnings and hope for a better future. Minneapolis brand leaders share their stories and learnings about how they continue to navigate the times, what they’ve learned and how this is guiding their leadership path into 2021 and beyond.

Plus Size and Body Inclusivity

Social media influencers not only build brands around authentic images, but also in turn, become role models as well. Celebrating the fact that there is no such thing as a traditional body type, regardless of how certain body types have previously been portrayed as standard, body positivity has helped people of all ages learn to love themselves as they see themselves in others who have put themselves out there to the world. This conversation will focus on the journeys of Kellie, Anna, and...

Navigating Through a Pandemic: Every Brand has a Story

The marketing and advertising industries have their finger on the pulse is happening in our culture. The onset of a global pandemic changed the needs, habits, and behaviors of consumers practically overnight. In addition to the abrupt changes of day-to-day reality regarding health concerns and new societal norms, all lines of business were forced to reassess plans for 2020 as ad spends and strategies were pulled back (or bulked up) and tonality was retooled.

Great Minds in Conversation with Nicola Formichetti

Even if you don’t know him, you know his creations: Lady Gaga’s red carpet Meat Dress and ten years later, her 9 outfit change in last month’s MTV VMA’s – each look with its own accompanying PPE mask, that comfy Uniqlo puffer jacket you cannot live without or those perfectly distressed Diesel jeans. Or you might have seen his editorial contributions for Dazed, Vogue Homme, V Magazine or seen his YouTube channel or participated in one of his many digital creative projects. In this...

Pornrupted: What brands can learn from the adult industry

Porn — the oldest industry in the world, yet pioneering through the ages. As the Internet's first real disruptive industry, it has catalysed the development of real-time credit card verification, video on demand, SEO and enabled broader bandwidth. It’s safe to say, what happens in porn, soon happens in advertising. And just as the conversation in advertising is focused on doing good, fair trade and woke-washing, a similar discussion has been raging for years in the adult industry.

Masculinity in Flux – Starting the Conversation No One Wants to Have

The sharp rise in conversation around toxic masculinity has encouraged many brands to re-think about how they engage and build connections with their audience. What does modern masculinity look like today, and how can brands help redefine its place in society? How can they change cultural narratives? And transform their business, products and services along with their audience to stay relevant?

Culture Next 2020: Gen Zs in the Driver’s Seat

This year’s events have clarified — and in many ways, accelerated — trends that Gen Zs have been shaping for quite some time. In volume two of Spotify’s Culture Next report, we’re diving deeper into how this generation is taking the reins to rebuild society through technology, politics and culture-at-large. Join Spotify’s Lee Brown and Culture Co-Op’s Melissa Lavigne-Delville as they explore the key trends we uncovered and the ways marketers can build lasting relationships with the next...
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