Creator Spotlight Session with Samantha Bee

Kate Lewis, Chief Content Officer at Hearst, sits down with renowned comedian, tv host/personality, podcaster, and activist, Samantha Bee to explore what it means to embody the multi-dimensionality of the new creator economy, working across new platforms and emerging technologies.

Reporting While Black

Join Don Lemon and Kargo’s Founder & CEO Harry Kargman in an inspiring conversation — diving into Don’s personal journey and the broader responsibility we have as an industry in supporting free press, independent media and an enlightened America.

Gossip Girl Creator on Innovation During the Era of Streaming

Creator of Gossip Girl, Josh Safran, discusses the evolution of HBO Max's hit reboot, spotlighting his unique ability to capture so many elements of the cultural conversation within a generational show; from the dynamic soundtrack and diverse talent representation, to the creative integration of brands and timely cultural topics.

Design Activism: Shifting Minds and Culture One Product at a Time

What you make matters more than you think. With climate change and social change pressing in on humanity, our output as designers (and our input as consumers) is crucial to creating the world we want to live in. How can today’s designers take on the role of activist in an impactful way? How can our response to the human desire for growth, beauty and convenience shift entire social movements?

Sustainable Advertising: The Consumer View

In this session, leaders in this sustainability look to shift the needle on what it means to allow people to have choice but still maintain sustainable discovery of products and services. Sustainable advertising starts with the infrastructure the ad platforms are run on. They need to be run with partners that are making a positive contribution beyond net zero and have pledges to support the removal of carbon. The session will explore learnings from a recent research study iProspect and...

How to Get in on the Programmatic Gold Rush for Digital Video and CTV

Demand for video is at an all-time high, and CTV is a big driver of that growth. As the 3rd-party cookie phases out, programmatic contextual targeting will be the new standard for how advertisers target their ads. These programmatic solutions bring a wealth of data on both the context and performance of ads, which can help advertisers automate digital ad campaigns to reach the right audience and maximize their impact. JW Player executive will share practical advice on how advertisers can use...

Showing Up With Purpose

COVID has accelerated the shift of people’s relationships with and expectations of brands. Gone are the days where purpose was fundamental to the mission of only a few namesake brands. Today, the smartest brands are showing up through their actions, through their advocacy, and through their advertisements with purpose. Join OUTFRONT’s discussion with brands as they unearth how each is showing up with purpose on the world’s biggest canvas…out of home. OUTFRONT’s purpose is to help...

Content, Context and Cookies

Given the increase in conversation around privacy controls, contextual targeting is experiencing a true renaissance. Condé Nast is no stranger to this approach, as the company has been an expert in the subject for decades, leveraging it as a point of differentiation rather than a back-up plan. What does contextual targeting look like now and what can it look like as we move into the future?

The Retail Evolution

In August 2021, Macy’s, Inc. announced a partnership to bring together two of America’s most iconic brands, Macy’s and Toys "R" Us. Macy’s, Inc. Chief Stores Officer Marc Mastronardi and WHP Global’s Chairman & CEO Yehuda Shmidman discuss the strategic vision of omnichannel retail brand building, and its elevation of the customer experience in both stores and across digital platforms.

Diaper or Coke? Moving Culture and the Consumer in the New Marketing Landscape

In today’s world, brands lie on a spectrum between soda brands and diaper brands – those marketable to all or brands serving smaller, niche audiences. Culture and digital expertise can be the launchpad for soda-scale results for diaper-scale brands, but who gets to mobilize culture? How can brands authentically activate dominant or subcultures to make an impact with their advertising? Join this panel of creative leaders and marketing strategists who will unpack the modern playbook for using...

The State of the Job Market: Women and Working Parents

In this panel, Indeed's VP of Global Brand Marketing, Jennifer Warren and’s General Manager of Consumer and Enterprise, Natalie Maylisch will speak to how the job market has shifted over the last year, with a specific focus on how this impacts women and working mom’s. Looking forward they will explore how women and working mothers can navigate the new state of work, and how employers can best accommodate them.

DoorDash: Driving Growth for Global and Neighborhood Brands

Join DoorDash Vice President of Ads Toby Espinosa in a discussion with Smoky Bones Bar & Grill CFO Nicole Milnthorpe and Mars Director of Business Development Martin Terwilliger to hear how businesses of every size are nurturing customer relationships through challenging times with an array of new innovative products and offerings that are redefining local delivery.
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