Setting a New Tone from the Top

When given the option, working mothers are more likely to choose remote work. How will this decision impact their careers - from their relationships with colleagues and the projects they are assigned to the promotions and compensation they receive? This session will explore how to ensure working moms aren't penalized for taking advantage of flexibility.

Making Progress Permanent: Delivering on D&I Objectives

2020 was the wake-up call many needed to acknowledge the lack of diversity within their teams and organizations. With many heading back to the physical workplace, will diversity remain a top priority, or will it get pushed down the agenda? Join us for a discussion on what we can do to ensure accountability in our continued quest for diversity, industry-wide and within our own organizations.

Unpacking Intersectionality: The Next Frontier of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As we head into a new era of work, will we see more companies take an intersectional approach — one that recognizes the overlapping identities of employees? Join us as we discuss how intersectionality can be used effectively in organizations to transform everything from hiring practices to team structures to providing different perspectives for vendor selection and decision making.

The Coverage Gap: A Step Toward Leveling Visibility and Viewership Disparity in Women's Sports

Despite the incontestable excellence of female athletes, there is still a massive disparity in the amount of coverage they receive in broadcast games, media and sponsorship. In this session, we will dive into "The Coverage Gap," a recently released research study, conducted by FQ and DAZN that shares that yes, (spoiler alert) audience and fan interest is there - and what we can do to move the needle on more equal representation in women's sports.

Communication is Everything: How To Guide Your Team Through Workplace Transition

As many companies move to a hybrid model, it's up to leaders to set the tone going forward and ensure fair practices are in order so that proximity bias doesn't rear its head. Join us as we discuss the value of face time vs. work accomplished and how to address each, to ensure equity for all.

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn: How Corporate Culture Has Evolved

What has the past year and a half taught us about how we work together? Join us for an unplugged conversation with leaders as they share what tools they have used to create greater connectivity between teams, including ERGs, allyship and using intersectionality as a new lens.

Driving Real-World Impact Through Esports

Video games aren't just a part of today's culture; They're increasingly defining it as well. Video games will influence our collective perceptions of gender, race, class, disabilities, and more. What do brands need to understand about the gaming industry, especially as it continues to grow? Join us as we explore the opportunity ahead, reasons every brand should care about reaching this diverse group of consumers, and steps companies can take to increase representation within games and beyond.

Marketing That Matters: Creating Content That Wins the Loyalty of Gen Z

What will it take to win the hearts of the newest generation of consumers? Have their needs, wants, and priorities shifted as a result of the pandemic? Join us as we delve deeper into the world of Gen Z and explore what motivates and drives their behavior, and how brands and retailers can share messaging that resonates with them.

It Takes A Village: How Brands Can Embed DEI Into Their DNA

"It Takes A Village" is a communal & cultural reference that acknowledges all of the individuals who have an integral role in cultivating something incredible. The foundation of DEI is in the ability to amplify diverse stories, talent, & voices. Yahoo’s people-first approach not only allows them to prioritize & redefine DEI, but it has embedded it into their core brand DNA by connecting people to their passions. We'll explore how embedding DEI into your DNA drives growth and creates brand...

Innovations Changing Business: How CTV is Leading the Change with JoAnna Foyle

Consumers love TV, and The Trade Desk is working to improve the ad experience while also shortening it by 15-20 minutes per hour. That’s a major change for business. In this interview, The Trade Desk's SVP, Inventory Partnerships, JoAnna Foyle, will discuss how Connected TV is changing (and improving) ad budgets, eliminating waste and improving the TV experience for the consumer. She will also highlight The Trade Desk's network of premium supply partners.

Innovations Changing Business: The Transformation of Audio with Jeff Sottolano

Audacy’s Executive Vice President, Head of Programming Jeff Sottolano details the evolution of the company's programming strategy following its transformative rebrand in March.

Innovations Changing Business: Privacy and Personalization in Advertising with Maggie Burke

The way data is used to show people relevant ads is changing, whether it be because of government regulations, or changes by tech companies. This has a large impact on marketers who are looking to reach the right people with relevant messages and can be challenging to navigate. But does privacy need to come at the expense of personalized experiences? Facebook will argue that this is not a zero-sum game and will share thoughts to guide us towards a privacy-first digital ecosystem that...
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