The Young Professionals’ Conversations With… The Future is Female

The ADVERTISING Club of NY is back with its "Conversations With..." series! This series provides an opportunity for our Young Professionals (30 and under) to interview top executives on their career journeys while also discussing relevant cultural/industry moments. Track Discussion: The Future is Female

Innovations Changing Business: Connecting with the Most Powerful Audience Shift in a Generation with Brandt Hastings

Join Brandt Hastings, chief revenue officer at Volta Charging for a live interview direct from Advertising Week New York.

Innovations Changing Business: Using Out-of-Home Media to Influence Outcomes with Bob McCuin

Consumers are out and about in droves and driving around at pre-pandemic levels. Whether connecting with consumers who are driving, walking or flying, savvy marketers are jumping on the Out-of-Home bandwagon to breakthrough with these hard-to reach audiences by tapping into Clear Channel Outdoor’s mass reach and measurable solutions. Hear from the CRO of one of the world’s largest OOH companies how they’re inspiring innovation and delivering an omnichannel, data rich experience, that’s...

The Power of Collaborativity

Powerful creativity stems from the orchestration of a cultural truth grounded in simplicity, boldness and perfect timing. In today’s complex, fast-paced world, finding that “magic mix” demands a new kind of client-agency relationship. The best work grows from fluid partnership built on mutual respect, trust, openness and shared motivation. In this session, Pepsi, Alma and VaynerMedia are pulling back the curtains on the “collaborativity” that helped manifest some of the brand’s best work in...

Leveraging NFTs to Maximize the Impact of Brands’ Cause Related Marketing

Learn how the new global Listen Campaign, with the most recognized brands, are leveraging the power of NFTs to maximize the return from supporting a cause, helping the world’s 1 billion-plus vulnerable children. Created by Tony Hollingsworth, producer of nine of the largest broadcast events in history, including Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday, reaching 600 million, the multi-platform Listen Campaign is auctioning NFTs of performances by 200 stars from his iconic events, and new NFTs from...

What's In A Perfect Commercial? An AI Analysis of 1500+ CTV Ads

The benefits of CTV are clear. The type of creative you should run on the platform, however, is less so. Whether you're looking to launch on CTV for the first time, or you already consider yourself an expert, many brands struggle with creating ads that perform on the big screen. Join QuickFrame and MNTN for a first-of-its-kind AI-powered report on the creative elements that actually drive site visitors and online conversions. You'll walk away with actionable insights (derived from analyzing...

Navigating the Hybrid Work Model

While the debate continues over which work model is best going forward, hybrid seems to be a temporary solution and testing ground for many companies. In this panel, we'll discuss the pros and cons, if the size of the team makes a difference and best practices learned from those fully vested in being hybrid.

Change the Image, Change the Perception: The Power of Disruption in Visual Storytelling for the 50+ Community

The Disrupt Aging® Collection, a joint collaboration between Getty Images and AARP aims to re-picture what it looks like to be 50 and up, while highlighting the full, active lifestyles of these adults. With 80% of this demographic - which has significant buying power - believing they are too often stereotyped by marketers as delicate, fragile and tech-ignorant, and more than half of women 50+ claiming they feel “invisible” within advertising, the need to continue this disruption is evident....

Leveling Up: Why Diverse Mentorship Programs Can Bridge the Gap to True Equity and Inclusion

The marketing and advertising industry is answering the call to improve diversity in its ranks, but how can we shift our thinking from meeting a minimum requirement to true systemic change? Enter: The power of mentorship. Join a panel of mentees from the first-ever class of Ad Age The List's new mentorship initiative for underrepresented young professionals, Generation Next, as they speak to the many ways their mentorships have begun to reshape their own career trajectories.

Her Point of View: Youth Sports and its Impact on the Equality Gap

Join Pro Sports Assembly as we explore how investing in youth sports creates opportunities that lead to equality for the next generation. We’ll explore the importance of role models, tips for keeping kids engaged in their sport, and resources for families to help support their child’s athletic development.

Managing the Multigenerational Workplace

With Gen Z being the latest wave of professionals to enter the workforce (and largely during the pandemic), how can managers provide resources and connect them with their multigenerational colleagues while remote? What unique challenges are they experiencing? Join us as we discuss how teams can communicate better and learn from each other's differences, so that everyone is bringing something unique to the table and valuing generational perspectives.

Lights, Camera, Visibility! Leveraging Inclusive Media to Make Your Brand Shine

What messaging will resonate with consumers in 2022, when the world is slated to return to a state of “normalcy?" Join us for a discussion to hear what we've learned from consumers over the past year and a half, and what they expect from the brands they support going forward.
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