Josh Glodoveza

Josh Glodoveza, better known as Caru, crafted a career path for himself at a young age fueled by an innate passion for gaming. Building his career from scratch with no formal training, he’s become a multi-hyphenate force to be reckoned with, particularly in esports, gaming and the Creator Economy - all before turning 19. In his new role as VP of Talent for Fanjoy, he maintains a roster of emerging and A-list digital talent and helps them build their brands beyond the screen.

Prior to joining Fanjoy, Caru held a position as an emerging leader at Ader, an esports and gaming marketing agency. His ultimate career goal is to build a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive future for creators and represent all kinds of diverse and talented esports players, streamers and creators. The industry has taken notice as Caru was recognized as one of Business Insider’s top talent managers and agents helping gaming YouTubers, streamers, and esports players build careers.