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The last few years have brought us some of the largest live concerts in history. But, they occurred in-game. We’ve seen some unrivaled apparel collections and offerings. But, they debuted during a major LAN competition.

Indelible sets from Marshmello. Opening concerts and original scores from Zedd. Collaborative threads with Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna and custom cases with Louis Vuitton flair.

This panel will explore esports and gaming’s continued advancement as a lifestyle. Gamers and competitors have become the cool kids. And brands, labels and talent are helping with this growth while also ensuring their own expansion and vitality.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The ubiquity of gaming in culture and lifestyle.
  2. What this means for brands and marketers, especially those new to the space.
  3. Who's doing it well, doing it right.
  4. What's next.

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Erin Ashley Simon Host, broadcaster and gaming executive XSET
Josh Glodoveza VP of Talent Fanjoy
Robert Santini VP, Global Brand Partnerships & Sync Warner Records
Bryan Waddell Brand Marketing Manager Nestle

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