Aliya Janell

Aliya Janell is a creative director, entrepreneur and critically acclaimed, celebrity choreographer known for her overnight success after Nicki Minaj posted one of her master class routines on Instagram in 2017, attracting over 20 million views to date. Her rise to global recognition came at a young age, when she was hired personally by Nicki Minaj to choreograph her iconic “Chun-Li” music video and various other projects. Since then, Janell has spent over a decade architecting choreography to music’s brightest stars such as Chris Brown, Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, Anitta and beyond - all while creating opportunity for other artists. Aliya utilizes her impeccable vision and ability to innovate groundbreaking concepts for artists, viewers, fans, and aspiring dancers. In 2017, Aliya launched her own brand, Queens N’ Lettos which is her signature biweekly LA-based dance experience.