Blaq App and LayerUp! in Partnership...

Post the confluence of the “Pandemic Awakening” (i.e., COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, social accountability, etc.), organizations quickly found and adapted to new productive best business practices to connect and work via videoconferencing and webinars. However, old problems like understanding how to shed negative, fear-based learned behavior still exists more than ever ( i.e., hidden racial, gender and mental health microaggression biases). Join Jocelyn R. Taylor, Chief Brand Media Strategist, JRT Multimedia (and LayerUp! Founder) and Maureen Tokeson-Martin, Founder and CEO, Blaq App along with their guests discuss how their similar missions to elevate and celebrate the voices of BIPOC are collaborating to more effectively create the overall strategy to connect with brand partners, community allies and business leaders. Infusing their motto into their marketing strategies, “ We fly higher together!,” they are successfully aligning organizations with cultural competency opportunities through their technology and trusted insights that gradually support overcoming misunderstanding, mistrust and mental/behavioral stresses deliberately inflicted and propagated in black and brown communities. Hear how they help organizations better understand how to hire, onboard, and foster diverse teams.


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