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The TV Data Initiative is the new consortium focused on working collaboratively with the industry to identify practical steps that could be taken to support the growth and development of the advertising market, enhancing TV’s value as a marketing platform and driving demand for high-quality, privacy-friendly ad platforms and data sets.

At this session, members of the Initiative will talk through the work of consortium, exploring how the industry can work together to support the development of the new TV data ecosystem.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Definitions: what is the TV data ecosystem and what opportunities does it present?
  2. Current challenges: a marketplace in transition
  3. Building the new TV data ecosystem: collaboration, standardization and interoperability

Presented with


Jason Manningham CEO Blockgraph
Bob Ivins Chief Strategy Officer TVSquared
Jon Watts Project Director TV Data Initiative
Kemal Bokhari General Manager, Data and Analytics DISH Media Sales
David Wiesenfeld Chief Strategist TransUnion

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