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Don’t wait until 2023 to explore post-cookie solutions. The industry has viable solutions advertisers should take advantage of today. Brands and publishers who have gotten a head start and succeeded in establishing trusted, first-party consumer relationships now - independent of cookies - will improve overall user experience, optimize yield, increase revenue and/or ROI. The sooner you implement authenticated solutions, the more time you'll have to test and iterate, providing consumers with the value experience they expect.

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  1. How authenticated solutions can give publishers the same abilities previously only possible in walled gardens; and why lower levels of authentication are a big win
  2. Why an authenticated solution goes beyond maintaining addressability to improving overall quality
  3. Tangible takeaways to define the success of a cross-platform identity solution from a leading brand and renowned publisher

Presented with


Chris Park Senior Program Manager, Data and Identity Microsoft
Travis Clinger SVP, Addressability and Ecosystem LiveRamp
Jeff Rasp Head of Media and Digital Marketing Operations Bayer HealthCare
Amanda Tan Senior Director, Product Management Xandr

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