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Grubhub and First Tube Media's Sound Bites program started as a hybrid event, went all-digital during the pandemic, and is now once again a hybrid franchise. It features the fastest-growing music talent and established acts like Megan Thee Stallion. Find out how this approach reaches new audiences, builds brand affinity, and drives Grubhub orders. Oh, and how Sound Bites regularly reaches #1 on Pollstar's weekly Livestream Charts.

Grubhub and First Tube Media launched Sound Bites as a hybrid, brand-owned franchise before the pandemic. When it did hit, they leaned into live digital experiences. Together, they've created 15+ Sound Bites music experiences leading to over 20M tune ins, 70K emails captured and over 250K orders. Two of those events -- one featuring Megan Thee Stallion, Noah Cyrus, and King Princess, and the other Dillon Francis and Alan Walker -- hit #1 on Pollstar's Weekly Livestream generating at least 8xs the number of views as #2. Learn the secrets from Mandy Cudahy, director of Content Marketing at Grubhub, Andrew Beranbom, CEO at FTM, and Ian LaPlace, VP of Talent and Content Programming at FTM. As Mandy shared in Forbes: "The program has resonated with our customers in an authentic way resulting in driving both social impact and business goals."
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  1. We now live in a hybrid world. Make sure your marketing programs are nimble.
  2. It's time to upgrade from brand sponsorship to brand ownership. Why?
  3. Learn the the art and science of choosing talent for your program
  4. Brand marketers must promote their programs like movie studios promote new releases
  5. Live digital experiences build customer relationships and support first-party data strategies

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Ian LaPlace Co-Founder and Head of Programming First Tube Media
Andrew Beranbom Founder & CEO First Tube Media
Mandy Cudahy Director of Content Marketing Grubhub
Cathy Applefeld Olson Contributor Forbes

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