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The Internet has created the greatest opportunity in the history of media: the ability to deliver stories and experiences directly to consumers across the world. Whether it’s the emergence of new streaming services or the rise of addressable advertising, it’s clear that the era of building direct-to-consumer engagements is here. With the evolution of the consumer journey and growing D2C touch points, what does this trend mean for marketers and media companies? Join our panel of experts as they address this question and more.

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  1. What’s in store for the industry, and the consumer experience, as the direct-to-consumer model accelerates
  2. How publishers and media companies are adapting brand messages to meet new streaming habits
  3. What this means for marketers and their ability to connect their messages to audiences they care about

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Julian Franco SVP, Product Management HBO Max
Elaina Andrade SVP, Executive Creative Director WarnerMedia
Mukta Chowdhary VP Cultural Insights WarnerMedia
Alexandra Colby VP, Network Partnerships and Brand Innovation WarnerMedia

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