Vic Noble

With more than 20 years marketing experience, Vic Noble has developed numerous brands from dot coms to financial services to healthcare. She currently is the Consumer Brand Director for Shire Pharmaceuticals’ ADHD brands. Shire is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in patient healthcare. Vic’s commitment is to do right by patients to drive business results.

Vic graduated from University of California Berkeley with degrees in business and political science and has a diverse business background working across industries. Fresh out of Berkeley, she became a Wall Street IPO analyst and then joined a government relations firm in Washington D.C., lobbying on behalf of the financial industry. While in D.C. she met a dynamic video producer, joined forces with her and began producing corporate videos and commercials. Agency life ensued as Vic threw herself into the advertising world with a passion, rising through the ranks of Foote, Cone & Belding, Ogilvy and Stein Rogan.

Next up was healthcare with a digital focus. She moved into interactive branding and led the launches of the lion’s share of Johnson & Johnson’s pharma digital brands (most notably Remicade, Topamax and More recently Vic was with Astra Zeneca developing consumer brands like CRESTOR®.

Vic lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband, two children and a German Shepherd named Buddy.