Alexandra von Plato

In 1997, when few people even knew what a browser was and dial-up modems were considered new technology, Alex's experience as a creator and producer of healthcare content for film, video, and TV found the perfect home on the Internet. As a digital media pioneer, Alex was the first creative executive to focus on the use of new media in healthcare communications. Since that time, she has been at the forefront of understanding and shaping the enormous, game-changing role of digital media in healthcare.

Over the years, Alex has had a key role in the creation of several award-winning, next-generation healthcare agencies, including Current Communications Company, Medical Broadcasting Company, and Digitas Health. As a principal creative director, Alex has overseen the creative development of groundbreaking brand marketing initiatives and programming, including the first unbranded pharmaceutical website, the first Rx-branded social/viral campaign, for top pharmaceutical, life sciences, and wellness companies, like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Target, Nestle, and Weight Watchers.

Today, as President and Global Chief Creative Officer of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, Alex leads a purpose-built team of creative and strategic professionals with expertise in advertising and branding, strategic planning, digital media and technology, science and medicine - all focused on connecting healthcare brands with the people who need them.
Her expertise in healthcare, creative innovation, and marketing have made her a sought after speaker at industry-leading events, including the Digital Health Summit at CES in 2012, Medical Advertising Hall of Fame in 2012, Healthweb Leadership Forum in 2011, and ThinkDigital in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

As a member of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, Publicis Life Brands, Digitas Health, and Medicus International are among the most sought after and innovative healthcare agencies in the world.