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We have unprecedented access to data and measurement tools. For the multi-billion dollar advertising and media industry, this means leveraging data to connect with consumers in powerful new ways. The Data Congress unites an all-star lineup to detail how data and analytics drive performance and the bottom line.

Data Congress Presented by Acxiom

4:00 PM - 4:15 PM: Opening Keynote:

Shelly Zalis CEO, Ipsos OTX

4:15 PM - 5:00 PM: Big Data Without the Hype

All the excitement and promise of data often makes it too easy for marketers to miss the big picture. Without a careful approach, data can overwhelm and even mislead marketers. Data is fallible, prone to bias, and easily manipulated. So if data alone cannot offer a rationale for why things happen the way they do, how do marketers harness what Big Data has to offer?

How could advertisers adjust their marketing strategies if they had new insights about their true target audiences? For example knowing that new parents are more likely to buy energy drinks than teenagers; buyers of low-calorie chocolate don’t crave regular chocolate; and heavy metal fans are actually quite concerned about hearing loss.

Exponential will lead us through these and other real world examples of how an intelligent approach to Big Data can solve real marketing problems and unearth fascinating patterns that would never have been discovered through traditional research.

Presenter: Bryan Melmed, Director of Insight Services, Exponential Interactive

5:00 PM - 5:50 PM: Data Congress Roundtable

A roundtable discussion on the present and future of big data.

Moderator: Jack Marshall, Editor, Digiday

Sam Cox, VP Business Development, OpenX

Dana Hayes, GVP Global Partner Development, Acxiom

Joe Inzerillo, SVP, Content Technology/CTO, MLB Advanced Media

Dave Reed, SVP Revenue Operations, MediaMath

Preetham V V, GM & Product Head, Brand & Commerce, InMobi

5:50-6:10 PM: Beyond Dashboards and Listening: Making the Leap to Social Media Intelligence

From a research perspective, marketers listen via real time dashboards and generate metrics that often show minimal fluctuation. So what does that yield? Yet another data silo with brand health indicators that need to be measured – followed by the ‘what next?’ challenge. Did these conversations influence our target audience?

With millions of conversations occurring about our brands, how can we know which ones people are most likely to be exposed to? How can we evaluate these conversations to better understand the interaction with media consumption, brand building effects and the impact on purchase behaviors? Are there others ways to gain deeper insights with ‘traditional’ research data?

Christian Waldheim and Natasha Stevens from GfK’s Digital Market Intelligence group will share Social Media research methodological approaches that provide intelligence – not analysis. View Less

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Sam Cox VP Business Development OpenX
Dana Hayes GVP Global Partner Development Acxiom
Joe Inzerillo Content Technology/CTO MLB Advanced Media
Jack Marshall Editor Digiday
Bryan Melmed Dir. Insight Services Exponential Interactive
Dave Reed SVP Revenue Operations MediaMath
Natasha Stevens VP Digital Market Intelligence GfK
Preetham V V GM & Product Head, Brand, Commerce InMobi
Christian Waldheim Head of Global Social Media Intelligence Center GfK
Shelley Zalis CEO Ipsos OTX

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