Sam Cox

Sam Cox is the Vice President of Publisher and Business Development for OpenX. Prior to OpenX acquiring LiftDNA in 2012, Sam was LiftDNA’s Senior Vice President of Publisher and Business Development responsible for expanding the company’s roster of digital publishers and strategic partners with a focus on US and International strategic publisher sales.
Prior to LiftDNA, Sam was the Chief Executive Officer of Milabra, a visual data platform for advertisers and publishers, responsible for building company revenue to a $500K annual run rate and overseeing staffing, product development and overall strategy. Before this, Sam was the Senior Digital Media and Technology Analyst, Digital Business Development Lead, for the Loughlan Group where he developed strategic plans for proprietary investments and banking clients. Sam has also held roles at Cliff Freeman & Partners, Asia Direct High Tech and Binary Design. Sam earned his B.A. Hons from Queen’s University and his MBA from Cass Business School.