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Brands are facing the great challenge of being relevant in a context where there is more competition and demands in the audience.
The importance of search in digital shelf and brand building in e-commerce are some of the main topics that marketers are talking about and working on.
Marketplaces are building their own reputation as new media players for both branding and performance strategies.
Why marketplaces are a must win channel for your brand?
Let's listen to Motorola's Case Study

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The consumer of nowadays chooses to buy online mainly for convenience and every day they expect more from brands
  2. Marketplaces are different as media players for 3 reasons: massive audiences in a purchasing mindset, branding and performance solutions and consumer insights
  3. Marketplaces are for both branding and performance strategies

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Jose Maceda Country Head of México at Mercado Libre Advertising Mercado Libre
Mardya Del Valle Marketing Director Motorola
Andres Azpilicueta Chief Digital Officer Publicis Media

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Mar Tech