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Communities are now more than ever dictating global and local trends and today’s platforms give us a bridge into those communities. Content is shaping culture. More and more we see people flock around their most deep and powerful passion points to share their views and opinions. Content is commonly at the forefront of these passions with people immediately connecting to news, events, sports, shows, movies, music, brands among many.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How can we as producers, creators, broadcasters, marketers tap into these insights and gain lasting fandom?
  2. How can we join the conversation and start with a relevant audience?
  3. The importance of a complete distribution model and how to cater to each one?

Presented with


Gerardo Vélez Head of Entertainment Partnerships for Latam Twitter
Ana Cecilia Cuevas Digital Business Director for NBCUniversal Latin America NBCUniversal
Farid de la Peña Head of Distribution and Digital Marketing Televisa
Rafael Martínez LABS Senior Director Viacom
Marco Nobili Director of Prime Video in Latin America Amazon

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