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In this session...

Directors of the best creative events that happen in Mexico City, join to talk about how the industry is behaving and how this experiences coexist between brands, talents and artist in the same space for achieve the same goal.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the industry of events behaves nowadays
  2. Insights on how experiences are important in the creative industries
  3. Importance of the multidisciplinary work of talents, brands and artists to match the Industry's objectives

Presented with


Damian Romero Director MUTEK México
Irene Muñoz CEO Majime Connect & Directora Semanario Eje Central
Eduardo Lebrija Director General Latinoamerica Norte y Ventas Regional en VIACOM MTV & NICKELODEON Awards
Emilio Cabrero Architect Design Week Founder
Nicolas Vale Director Millesime México
Cory Crespo President & Co-Founder COLOüRs Fashion Week México & Advertising Week

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Event Type Workshop