Mathias Sellanes

Federico "Fede Vigevani and Mathias" Mathi "Sellanes turned their friendship into a high-energy content franchise on YouTube. They started as pranksters on YouTube just two years ago and have accumulated more than 4.4 million subscribers on the platform.

The dynamic duo has captured the Latin American market through the expansion of its Dosogas Team brand. In the summer of 2017, they established the most powerful clique of Latin American influencers that publishes daily vlogs full of hilarity, positivism and a touch of fun drama.

In 2017, they received the Favorite YouTubers award in KCA Argentina and also launched their merchandise for 'Christmas Edition'. They are currently preparing for their tour and other surprises this year.

They are Dosogas Team, the "Lobos of Latam" and now they want to bring their vlogs live!