Responsible marketers have always leveraged data to confirm the best way to connect with customers. As audio makes those connections faster and deeper than any other channel, it was high time that brands had the insights to know they were truly capitalizing on the opportunity. We answered the call with the first Audio Intelligence Platform. Now, the options for people to learn and be entertained by sound — through the latest podcast, on their new smart speakers, and so on — are even greater. That’s brought just as much complexity. Should more budget go to podcasts or streaming services? Which ones? Which ad creative will resonate the most on each? How am I faring next to my competitors? With so much at stake, marketers, researchers and others are expected to have a comprehensive plan. So we evolved our mission to help solve the problem. The ever-expanding Veritonic Audio Intelligence Platform is now one place where brands can answer every key question about the right way to steer their audio campaigns, from start to finish and back around again. It’s the data map for winning audio.


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